Universal Smart IR Remote Control: WiFi-Enabled for TV, Air Conditioner, and More with Voice Assistant Integration


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Transform Ordinary into Smart

Unlock a seamless integration of home appliances into the realm of smart living. Our Universal Smart IR Remote Control bridges the gap between traditional appliances and the future, providing a singular hub to control a myriad of devices, from your TV to your air conditioner, all through the magic of infrared.

Features that Fascinate

  • Comprehensive App Control: Utilize the TuyaSmart or Smart Life app to remotely manage your home appliances.
  • Vast IR Code Library: Support for over 4000 brands and 50,000+ IR codes, all updated and stored in the cloud.
  • Effortless Installation: With a simple plug-and-play setup, get started in minutes!
  • Voice Command Capabilities: Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Yandex Alice for hands-free control.
  • Dynamic Automation & Scenarios: Craft custom scenarios or set automated triggers based on conditions like time and weather.
  • Learning Function: If your appliance’s brand isn’t supported, simply teach the remote using your original remote control.
  • 360° Petal Shape IR Emitting: Ensures commands are dispatched rapidly and precisely in all directions.

Why is This Remote a Must-Have?

When is a remote not just a remote? When it’s a hub for an enhanced lifestyle. This product is not just a tool but an experience, best used in homes eager to step into the modern era of smart living. What truly sets it apart is its universal application. Whether you’re keen on watching a movie, creating an ambient atmosphere with your air conditioner, or ensuring the fan is just at the right speed, this device has you covered. Plus, with its smart learning function, even if your appliance is a rare brand, you’re not left out of the smart revolution.

Benefits Galore

  • Unified Control: One remote to rule them all, eliminating the clutter of multiple controllers.
  • Remote Management: Adjust your home settings before you even step through the door.
  • Energy Efficiency: Set timers for appliances to ensure they’re not running needlessly, saving on energy bills.
  • Voice Command: Dive into the future with hands-free, voice-activated controls.
  • Customization: Create unique scenarios or automate actions as per your daily routine.
  • Family Sharing: Let everyone at home enjoy the perks of smart control.

Ready for a Smarter Home?

Dive into the future, simplify your life, and experience unparalleled convenience with our Universal Smart IR Remote Control. Every day can be smarter, more efficient, and more comfortable. Why wait? Elevate your home experience now!

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