Ultra HD Display Men’s Smartwatch with 1.85″ Screen, 710mAh Battery, and 400+ Watch Faces for Android & iOS


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Discover the Ultimate Men’s Smartwatch Experience

Designed for the strong and sophisticated, this state-of-the-art smartwatch doesn’t just tell time; it becomes an integral part of your day. With a super-sized 1.85″ Ultra HD display encased in durable, military-grade zinc alloy, every glance offers a vivid and clear visual delight.

Powered by Next-Gen Technology

At its core, the watch boasts the industry-leading Realtek 5th chip RTL8763EWE-VP, promising a seamless experience. This chip not only enhances performance by 25% but also ensures 22% lesser power consumption. Now, measure your blood oxygen levels with pinpoint accuracy thanks to its advanced red light sensor technology.

Unmatched Customization & Longevity

Dive into unparalleled customization with over 400 watch faces, ensuring there’s always a look that matches your mood. And with a hefty 710mAh battery, expect up to 10 days of uninterrupted use on a single charge. For those lighter usage days, the battery saver mode can stretch it even further to 30 days!

Key Features:

  • Large 1.85″ Ultra HD Display with a 360*360 resolution.
  • 710mAh battery offering up to 10 days of battery life.
  • 400+ watch faces with customizable options.
  • Health & Life features: 24/7 heart rate monitor, blood oxygen sensor, sleep monitor, Bluetooth call support, music remote, and more.
  • Professional IP68 waterproof grade.
  • 100+ exercise modes covering everything from yoga to mountain climbing.

When is it best used?

Whether you’re at a business meeting, in the gym, or on a mountain hike, this watch is your perfect companion. Its blend of business aesthetics with rugged functionality means it’s as suited to a suit as it is to sportswear.

What sets this smartwatch apart?

Its blend of robust performance, long-lasting battery life, and unmatched customization options ensure you don’t just wear a watch; you wear a statement. Plus, the inclusion of advanced health and fitness features makes it more than just a watch; it’s a personal health assistant.


  • Stay updated with AI Voice and messaging reminders.
  • Maintain optimum health with continuous monitoring.
  • Waterproof design offers peace of mind during workouts or rain.
  • Unleash a world of fitness with a multitude of sports modes.

Ready to Elevate Your Time?

Join the revolution of smart living. Experience the blend of style, functionality, and advanced tech. This isn’t just a watch; it’s a lifestyle upgrade. Dive into the future and wrap innovation around your wrist. Get yours now for a smarter tomorrow.

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