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Transform your daily ironing routine into a quick, effortless experience with the Mini Iron Steam Iron – your ultimate solution to wrinkled clothes



Compact and Lightweight Design: The Mini Iron boasts a sleek, portable design, making it incredibly easy to handle in any position. Its lightweight nature ensures you can take it anywhere, whether you’re traveling or need a quick touch-up at home.

Rapid Heat Technology: With a powerful 33W rating, this iron heats up in the blink of an eye. Start ironing within seconds, saving you time and hassle.



Efficient Steam Ironing: Experience the efficiency of steam ironing. The Mini Iron effectively smooths out wrinkles on all types of fabrics, ensuring your clothes look perfectly pressed every time.



Generous Water Tank Capacity: The innovative 60 ml water tank lets you iron multiple garments without the need for constant refills, enhancing your ironing efficiency.

Versatile for All Your Ironing Needs: Whether it’s shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, jackets, or more, the Mini Iron handles it all. Achieve flawless results on a wide range of garments with its powerful performance and versatility.


  • Power: 33W
  • Water Tank Capacity: 60 ml
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Adapter: US standard
  • Cable Length: 1.4m
  • Material: High-quality alloy and durable ABS plastic
  • Modes: Dry and steam ironing


Say goodbye to stubborn wrinkles and welcome the era of impeccable ironing with the MINI IRON STEAM IRON. Don’t wait any longer; elevate your ironing experience today with this game-changing appliance!

58 reviews for Portable Mini Steam Iron

  1. Alisha Saunders

    This product is convenient and nice to have. The size is perfect for travel. It offers both ironing and steaming features, which is a great addition. Just be cautious about water leaking when tilting it.

  2. Danielle Atkinson

    It’s cute and compact, but it gets the job done. I used it to iron a few items, and it worked fine. I love that it’s small and doesn’t take up much space. It’s also lightweight, making it great for travel.

  3. Lily Hopkins

    I tested this on two completely different fabrics – blackout curtains and window sheers, and it performed well on both. Initially, I didn’t realize that if you’re using it vertically, you need to occasionally place it back in a horizontal orientation, or the steam stops working. Once I figured that out, it was smooth sailing.

  4. Rose Edwards

    Hello, the product arrived well ahead of the scheduled delivery date. Thank you. I’m very satisfied with the product and highly recommend it. It’s very useful, not bulky, and highly effective.

  5. Abbie Owen

    Wow, what a charming little device! It came in a box, is genuinely compact, has a good finish, a non-plastic cord, and a rotatable handle for convenient storage. The plug is as ordered, not a makeshift adapter. A fantastic mini iron!

  6. Thalia Bailey

    Thank you! This is an excellent small iron that heats up slightly less than usual, which likely reduces the risk of burning anything. I like it!

  7. Raelynn Mcintosh

    I initially thought it might be of lower quality, but it pleasantly surprised me. It’s perfect for specific occasions.

  8. Jazmine Schwartz

    This is an excellent product, just as shown in the photo. It’s beautiful, works well, and even includes a compartment for water with a mini jug that you can use by pressing the button on top.

  9. Emmalynn Delacruz

    It works okay for ironing in your hotel when traveling. It may not get very hot, but it gets the job done.

  10. Emily Daniel

    The iron heats up effectively and performs its function. The only difference is that it sprays water instead of producing steam to assist in removing wrinkles.

  11. Sophia Bailey

    While it’s not exactly a steam iron and primarily sprays water, it’s not as powerful as it may seem in the video. However, considering its size, it still does a decent job, making it a good choice for traveling. I’m inclined to recommend this item.

  12. Rose Palmer

    This small iron is fantastic! It works well, looks beautiful, and is comfortable to use. The handle rotates, it heats up quickly, and steam is produced. It’s extremely convenient for travel. I’m very satisfied with my purchase.

  13. Hollie Gill

    It arrived quickly, and I initially thought it was cordless, but it turned out not to be. It’s small, a little smaller than my hand, making it perfect for travel. Everything works as expected, and it’s as convenient as a toy.

  14. Hollie Elliott

    I’ve tried it, and it works very well. Obviously, it’s not like a traditional iron, but it performs its function perfectly. It’s compact and doesn’t take up much space, making it ideal for travel.

  15. Mollie Kennedy

    It’s good, but the cable is quite short. I needed to use an extension cable to use it on my clothes.

  16. Kaylyn Shaw

    Loved the color and found it easy to use.

  17. Noemi Albert

    This is the most adorable little travel iron ever! I bought it because I dislike using hotel irons; I’ve had an item ruined before due to an unclean iron. This iron works quickly and even comes with a cute little cup for easy water filling. The color is a bonus for me—absolutely love it!

  18. Roselyn Jordan

    This is one of those products you didn’t realize you needed until you had it! Incredibly handy and works like a charm!

  19. Anastasia Middleton

    This little mini travel iron is amazing! It’s compact and takes up very little space. In fact, I think it’s even better than my regular everyday iron. It’s incredibly easy to use and functions flawlessly. I would recommend this over ANY iron.

  20. Giovanna Rojas

    I’ve never owned an iron before, and this one was absolutely perfect for me. It’s compact but functions just like a full-size iron. I love that I can take it on the go, and it’s incredibly user-friendly.

  21. Tegan Stevens

    We’re heading on vacation, and I’m really excited to finally have a small iron to smooth out those wrinkles. It’s of excellent quality and lightweight.

  22. Mia Davidson

    It arrived very quickly and is easy to use (I mean, it’s an iron). It’s straightforward and heats up quickly.

  23. Lola Lee

    It’s easy to use and worked perfectly!

  24. Daisy Gibson

    It’s like having a professional iron in the palm of your hand. I can take it anywhere, and it effortlessly removes wrinkles. I enjoy using it at home as well; it’s become my preferred tool for keeping my clothes looking crisp and stylish.

  25. Isobel Macdonald

    This iron is fantastic. I love its appearance, and it’s excellent for travel when necessary. I primarily purchased it for Cricut projects, and it has performed admirably so far. I haven’t experienced any issues with leaking. The size is ideal for my needs, but I do wish it had a temperature control feature.

  26. Catalina Wilcox

    It’s incredibly convenient for those on the go, and it’s not bulky, making it easy to pack.

  27. Camille Lara

    Firstly, I adore its cuteness. It comes with a small cup for easy filling, and the cord is sturdy and durable. The size is perfect for my travel needs. It works well on thinner fabrics, though I haven’t tested it on thicker materials yet.

  28. Raelyn Chaney

    This iron is amazing. It’s small and perfect for my travels.

  29. Arianna Livingston

    I bought this for my mom, and she told me she’s using it to iron her wigs. It seems to work for her unique needs.

  30. Isabelle Mejia

    It’s perfect for me since I dislike clutter and live in a tiny home. I didn’t want to deal with a bulky iron and ironing board, so this compact option works amazingly well.

  31. Ella Dawson

    It works, but the process takes a while.

  32. Layla Wells

    Honestly, the pictures didn’t make it clear that it needed to be plugged in with an electric cord, which was a bit disappointing. However, considering the price, I decided to keep it because it’s handy.

  33. Natasha Rose

    It’s easy to use and a great size for travel, fitting nicely in a suitcase. It would be even better if it came with a travel case. It may not completely eliminate wrinkles due to limited heating.

  34. Charlie Knight

    When you’re in a rush, it’s great for quick ironing.

  35. Amber Stevens

    I loved how lightweight it is, making it ideal for travel. It worked well for me, and I recommend it for both traveling and vacations.

  36. Estella Pierce

    I loved this product! It’s perfect for both travel and home use when you need to quickly dewrinkle clothes without the hassle of using a traditional iron. It’s lightweight, user-friendly, and highly portable. I highly recommend it!

  37. Alayah Dennis

    It’s a fantastic travel companion. I sent it with my son to college, and it worked wonderfully for him.

  38. Taryn Christian

    It closely resembles the image and doesn’t become excessively hot.

  39. Lesly Holder

    It’s a small-sized iron without temperature adjustment options, but I wanted something simple, so it’s suitable for me. I hope it has good durability.

  40. Melody Larson

    I was eager to use it for ironing my medical caps and small items.

  41. Katherine Spencer

    It’s slightly smaller than what was shown on the website, but it’s still acceptable.

  42. Rebecca Barrett

    Ideal for ironing small items. There’s a note inside about the water, explaining that it’s residual steam to ensure that the device is functioning correctly before shipping.

  43. Louise Burns

    It’s cute, though I haven’t had a chance to try it yet. However, the cord is a bit short.

  44. Maya Williams

    Its versatility and light weight make it much more convenient to use than larger irons, especially for travel. It’s a great travel-sized option.

  45. Chelsea King

    This small tool is super cute, easy to use, and has a stylish design! It’s perfect for quickly smoothing out a shirt’s collar and cuffs in the morning.

  46. Eileen Bright

    It does a decent job for such a small iron, particularly with less wrinkled clothes. However, if you have heavily wrinkled items, it might take a bit longer to get the job done right.

  47. Abbigail Doyle

    It’s good, albeit small, so you need to take your time when ironing, making it a bit slower.

  48. Aubrielle Mcintosh

    I appreciated that it arrived earlier than expected. I tried using it, and on a scale of 0 to 100, I’d give it a 95 because it takes a bit of time to heat up. I also mistakenly ordered the European cable, but I have an adapter, so it works perfectly. I absolutely love it.

  49. Greta Fry

    I haven’t had the opportunity to test this product yet, but it appears to match the description. I’ll find out if it performs as expected.

  50. Kendall Beach

    This is a compact, standard iron that performs well for its price. The steam function is effective.

  51. Eliza Chapman

    I appreciate it! Thank you for sending my order ahead of schedule.

  52. Alicia Phillips

    When I saw this little iron, I thought it would be perfect for my silk shirts. It’s remarkably lightweight.

  53. Rachel Richardson

    I’ve already tested the iron, and I don’t typically enjoy ironing, but this one doesn’t get too hot, making it comfortable to use. It’s also compact and convenient to carry.

  54. Maddison Davidson

    I adore it! It effortlessly eliminates wrinkles, features a water tank, and releases steam in a convenient manner. Extremely practical and ideal for business trips.

  55. Eva Smith

    It’s exactly as described, heats up effectively, and has a spray button. Additionally, it’s straightforward and portable, making it convenient for travel. 👌

  56. Braelyn Garza

    I initially thought I was ordering a steamer, but after reading the instructions and realizing it was an iron, I decided to give it a try. While it didn’t heat up as much as my regular iron, it still worked well and was lightweight and compact, making it suitable for travel.

  57. Esme Kent

    The product arrived swiftly, matches the picture and description, and is in excellent condition. It was well-packaged. I’m pleased with it. I highly recommend this item.

  58. Jaylee Webb

    During our summer trip to Italy and Ireland, I used to carry a lot of wrinkle releaser spray and spent a considerable amount of time laying out clothes and spraying them. This steamer is incredibly lightweight, heats up rapidly, and, with just one or maybe two passes, effortlessly removes wrinkles. Whether it was jeans, linens, or cotton, this compact steamer heated up in a minute or so and smoothed out wrinkles, no matter the climate. I absolutely adore this device and won’t travel without it!

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