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G12 With RGBG13 With RGBG16 With RGB
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Product Description

Working voltage: 5V

Link method: USB Type-C

Product size: 195mm * 125mm * 16mm

Supported Platforms : pc /ps3/ps4/switch/ Android/Steam
Product Specifications:1Mini Keyboard,1Data Cable Type-C,1Keycap Puller,6 anti slip pads


HautePad G series

Ten years of gaming peripheral experience

Carefully crafted portable Hitbox

Take you back to the arcade er

The heart of combat never stops!

This is a micro keyboard fightbox, a revolutionary game controller designed for precision and versatility.

Adopting a cost-effective combat chip, the Raspberry Pi RP2024 main control chip


Dual core ARM Cortex-M0+@ 133MHZ

Supported by dedicated QSPI bus, up to 16MB off chip flash memory

Fully connected AHB crossover switch

Integrated 264kB on-chip SRAM in six independent groups

40nm process node manufacturing, low dynamic power consumption, and low leakage

1ms delay, no frame leakage rate above 95%

Supports firmware updates

more functions and compatibility coming soon

Greywood V4 switch

  • POM stem

  • 2-stage spring

  • Initial 30gf min

  • Total Travel 3.6+/-0.3mm

  • Conduction 1.5+/-0.3mm

  • Operating force 40+/-3gf

  • Bottom force 50+/-3gf

This is a transparent acrylic material with RGB lighting effect which is a mini hitbox style arcade keyboard with 16 buttons, providing a comfortable feel and allowing you to enjoy fighting games,Buyers can DIY create their own HITBOX skin to make the controller look more cool and personalized



Notice:EXT. port is used for extension functions,

please do not connect your game console through this port.


For Extension functions

Insert official or third-party donles or controllers to bring hautepad more platforms compatibility or more functions.

01 Compatibility

B — Xinput mode (Windows/Steam)

A — SWITCH mode

X — PS3 / Dinput mode (Raspberry Pi / Android)

Y — PS4 mode (Compatible with PS4 games on PS5 console)



Input Mode

To change the input mode, hold one of the buttons(as shown above) as the controller is plugged in.


This product defaults to Xinput mode,Input mode is saved across power cycles.

If there are games that do not compatible the above input modes , you can enter the Web Configurator to modify them for normal use.



PS4 Mode

This product will be disconnected at 8 minutes after connecting to the PS4/PS5 console.

You can avoid this 8-Minute Timeout by uploading the verification files which required for PS4 mode. More details, please check on the official


Web Configurator

This product contains a built-in web-based configuration application which can be started up by holding START when plugging your controller into a PC. Then access // in a web browser to begin configuration.




Hold TURBO,then press the button which you need to be set for turbo function,then this button will be continuous sending while you press it,to cancel this turbo key,just repeat the privious step.

The turbo key that set will be cleard when power off.

These keys can be set as a Turbo key: A / B / X / Y / LB / RB / LT / RT

04 RGB LED Setting

●BACK + START + X Next Animation

●BACK + START + A Previous Animation

●BACK + START + Y Brightness Up

●BACK + START + B Brightness Down

●BACK + START + RB LED Parameter Up

●BACK + START + RT LED Parameter Down

●BACK + START + LB Pressed Parameter Up

●BACK + START + LT Pressed Parameter Down


D-Pad Modes

You can switch between the 3 modes for the D-Pad while the controller is in use by pressing one of the following default combinations:


● BACK + START + LEFT= Emulate Left Analog stick

● BACK + START + RIGHT= Emulate Right Analog stick

D-Pad mode is saved across power cycles.


Invert D-Pad Y-axis

A toggle is available to invert the Y-axis input of the D-pad, allowing some additional input flexibility. The default hotkey to toggle is to press

● HOME + START + RIGHT = Y-axis inversion

This is a temporary hotkey mapping for this feature, so keep an eye on updated releases for this to change.


SOCD Modes

Simultaneous Opposite Cardinal Direction (SOCD) cleaning will ensure the controller obeys certain directional input rules when sending inputs to the computer/console. Users can choose 1 of the 3 SOCD Modes while the controller is in use by pressing one of the following button default combinations:

● HOME + START + UP = Up Priority mode

Up + Down = Up, Left + Right = Neutral (Standard stickless behavior).

● HOME + START + DOWN = Neutral mode

Up + Down = Neutral, Left + Right = Neutral

● HOME + START +LEFT =Last Input Priority (Last Win)

Hold Up then hold Down = Down, then release and re-press Up = Up. Applies to both axes.

The selected SOCD mode is saved across power cycles.





Additional information

With USB




Model Number

Haute42 G16 Hitbox Control

Compatible Brand/Model


Brand Name



Mainland China

PC System

Windows 10

Accessories Type

Game Keyboards


Arcade Fight Stick For PC,Hitbox Fightstick For PS4/PS3,hitbox for Android


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