X6 3.5Inch Handheld Game Console

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• IPS Screen :The 2023 new X6 handheld game player features a 3.5-inch IPS screen, offering a vibrant and clear display for an immersive gaming experience.


• Dual Joystick Design :Equipped with a dual joystick design, this game console provides precise control and intuitive operation for players.


• 11 Simulation Games :With 11 simulation games included, this handheld console offers a diverse range of gaming options to keep kids entertained.


• Portable Gaming Device :Compact and lightweight, the X6 is a perfect portable gaming device that kids can carry around easily.


• Ideal Kids’ Gift :This 2023 X6 game console makes an ideal gift for kids, providing hours of fun and entertainment.


• GBA Video Game Console :As a GBA video game console, it supports multiple game formats, enhancing the gaming experience for users.



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Games Type

Adventure Games

Battery Capacity[mAh]




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Handheld Game Players

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Operating System


Supporting Language

English,Simplified Chinese

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Mainland China

5 reviews for X6 3.5Inch Handheld Game Console

  1. Customer

    Super Seriously Service. Good Item & Price.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Thanks !!! Extremely Super Fast Shipping I’m very impressed with the shipping time. Everything nice. It is not a perfect quality video game but it is something that is good for vacations and spending time.

  2. L***r

    great item has a whole bunch of nice games king of fighters 1995 through 2001

  3. S***r

    love all the features took a little to get used to it has some customization it also gives you the ability to save your progress even if the game doesn't support it already came with a lots of games installed and still has plenty of room for you to add more can also play music , videos , audiobooks as a calculator and a calendar

  4. D***r

    Wanted a cheap portable handheld for my 5yo. It does the job. As previous descriptions have said, there's no search feature, so certain categories like the NES has 2000 games so scrolling through them is difficult. Also, retro RPG's on the SNES are in Chinese Simplified so I can't play final fantasy 6 or Chrono Trigger. The NEO GEO Roms crash, as well as other arcade ROMS. However, there is a quick save feature so I'm actually able to play through whole games like Alien VS Predator and Final Fight just by simply saving every few minutes and return when the game crashes and reloads. Honestly, for a $20 handheld, it's 10x better than what you could get on say Amazon. So for what I wanted, it's still above and beyond for the price point.

  5. E***e

    Work like a sponge I have always wanted one and I got one

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